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School Site Council

Role of SSC

The School Site Council (SSC) is a team of the principal (or designee), teachers other school personnel, parents, students, and community members, that develops the mission and goals for the improvement of an individual school community.

Responsibilities of the Council:

  • Submit the plan for Board approval
  • Budget supplemental resources (categorical funds)
  • Implement the plan
  • Conduct a self-study - evaluate how successfully the plan meets stated goals
  • Revise the plan to meet the changing needs of the students
  • Review and allocate available supplemental categorical funds
  • Implement the revised plan
  • Regularly attend School Site Council meetings
  • Become knowledgeable and have a commitment to the Single Plan for Student Achievement and its processes
  • Actively participate in School Site Council duties, including serving on Standing and Special Committees
  • Be able to serve the full term for which you are elected
  • Communicate your knowledge and concerns to the School, the and the Community, thus becoming an advocate for improved public education and its changing needs
Interested in participating or learning more?

Interested in participating or learning more?

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