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Dr. Fausto Barragán



My name is Dr. Fausto Barragán, Jr., and I am honored to serve as your principal!
Since joining the NSLA community, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about what makes our school such a vibrant and innovative learning environment. I’ve been impressed by the talented teachers and knowledgeable staff, who are profoundly dedicated to their students and school. It is abundantly clear that the people of our community are what make this school such a special place! I am eager to work in partnership with all of you to inspire a love of learning and nurture the social-emotional growth of our students so that they can realize their potential and make the dreams they have for their lives come true.
This year begins my 25th year in education. I have been an instructional assistant, an elementary teacher, an education specialist, an instructional coach, a district coordinator, and an elementary principal. In addition, I’ve earned a B.A. in Music and Liberal Studies from Azusa Pacific University, a Masters in Administration from the University of La Verne, a Masters in Curriculum from Claremont Graduate University, and an EdD in Educational Leadership from California State University. My educational pursuits, alongside my goal of gaining deep and broad experiences in education, support my mission of creating extraordinary learning experiences for students. 
In addition to what I’ve learned in school, I’d like to share what I’ve come to understand from the lessons of life. First, I believe that everyone has value and a unique gift to make the world a better place. Second, I think we all have the potential to learn, grow, and become the best version of ourselves. Third, I believe that listening to all voices at the table helps us to develop more robust solutions. I think that what we do in small moments can make a big difference. I believe in expressing gratitude, practicing compassion, and sowing seeds of kindness. I think in skillfully engineering relevant and engaging learning experiences that maneuver students into the driver’s seat and empower them to take ownership of their learning. I believe it is essential to make personal connections, understand fears, and support dreams. Finally, I think that school should be a place where everyone feels important and that they belong.  
I am passionate about education and committed to providing every student the essential building blocks to grow, find their voice, and thrive! This is what I look forward to most when I walk onto NSLA each morning! I look forward to the new school year, and I know that together, we will inspire greatness in our NSLA scholars!
Mi nombre es Dr. Fausto Barragán, Jr., ¡y es un honor para mí servir como su director!
Desde que me uní a la comunidad de NSLA, he tenido la oportunidad de aprender qué hace que nuestra escuela sea un entorno de aprendizaje tan vibrante e innovador. Me han impresionado los talentosos maestros y el personal capacitado, que están profundamente dedicados a sus estudiantes y la escuela. ¡Está muy claro que las personas de nuestra comunidad son las que hacen de esta escuela un lugar tan especial! Estoy ansioso por trabajar en asociación con todos ustedes para inspirar el amor por el aprendizaje y nutrir el crecimiento socioemocional de nuestros estudiantes para que puedan realizar su potencial y hacer realidad los sueños que tienen para sus vidas.
Este año comienza mi 25º año en educación. He sido asistente de instrucción, maestro de primaria, especialista en educación, entrenadora de instrucción, coordinadora del distrito y directora de primaria. Además, obtuve un B.A. en Música y Estudios Liberales de Azusa Pacific University, una Maestría en Administración de la Universidad de La Verne, una Maestría en Currículo de Claremont Graduate University y un EdD en Liderazgo Educativo de la Universidad Estatal de California. Mis actividades educativas, junto con mi objetivo de obtener experiencias amplias y profundas en educación, respaldan mi misión de crear experiencias de aprendizaje extraordinarias para los estudiantes.
Además de lo que he aprendido en la escuela, me gustaría compartir lo que he llegado a comprender de las lecciones de la vida. Primero, creo que todo el mundo tiene un valor y un don único para hacer del mundo un lugar mejor. En segundo lugar, creo que todos tenemos el potencial de aprender, crecer y convertirnos en la mejor versión de nosotros mismos. En tercer lugar, creo que escuchar todas las voces en la mesa nos ayuda a desarrollar soluciones más sólidas. Creo que lo que hacemos en pequeños momentos puede marcar una gran diferencia. Creo en expresar gratitud, practicar la compasión y sembrar semillas de bondad. Pienso en diseñar hábilmente experiencias de aprendizaje relevantes y atractivas que coloquen a los estudiantes en el asiento del conductor y les permitan tomar posesión de su aprendizaje. Creo que es fundamental hacer conexiones personales, comprender los miedos y apoyar los sueños. Finalmente, creo que la escuela debería ser un lugar donde todos se sientan importantes y que pertenezcan.
¡Me apasiona la educación y me comprometo a proporcionar a cada estudiante los componentes básicos para crecer, encontrar su voz y prosperar! ¡Esto es lo que más espero cuando entro en NSLA cada mañana! ¡Espero con ansias el nuevo año escolar y sé que juntos inspiraremos grandeza en nuestros estudiantes de NSLA! 
Education Breeds Confidence. Confidence Breeds Hope.  Hope Breeds Peace.

Myrna Foster

Dean of Students

Myrna Foster is the Dean of Students at Norton Science Language Academy. Maiden name of Balmaceda, Myrna was born and raised in Ciudad Obregón Sonora, México. From a very young age, she realized she wanted to become an educator. Myrna inherited from her father the love and passion for education, students and their families, and the commitment to molding these young lives.
Myrna held her first teaching job in México at the age of 19.  She had just graduated as Executive Assistant at the time and worked as an English-Spanish grammar and shorthand teacher for 5 years at two different schools (CONALEP and Instituto Metopolitano).
She was then handed the opportunity to move to the United States where she received her Spanish Bachelors’ Degree at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, her teaching credential and Master in Education from Azusa Pacific University, and her Master in Educational Administration from Cal State University, San Bernardino. Myrna has been in the classroom for 17 years and truly loved every minute of it.
About 10 years ago, she made the move to pursue her Administrative Credential and with the support of great mentors and friends, she was successful. Mrs. Foster has now been an Administrator for seven years, five of which have been here at Norton Science and Language Academy.
Helping others is my passion and the loves of my life are my two children.