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Counseling Support/ Services

All Models:
Individual/group counseling for hybrid/distance learning will be delivered in person with social distancing or via Zoom:
  • D/M SELPA will be providing ongoing support to all students in its general education caseload
  • D/M SELPA will continue to provide individual and group counseling to all special education students via zoom
  • Socioemotional counselors (School Counselors and School Psychologists) will continue to meet via Zoom as needed

Socioemotional Curriculum

  • Counselors/School Psychologists will support implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum monthly with each class via Zoom or video.
  • Weekly resources will be provided to teachers to conduct quick check ins with students and stress related activities.
Other Community Resources

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Other Community Resources

Victor Community Support Services
Call (909) 522-4656
Desert Regions
Call (760) 956-2345
Text (760) 734-8093
West Valley
(Rancho Cucamonga to Chino)
Call (909) 458-1517
Text (909) 535-1316
East Valley
(Fontana to Yucaipa)
Call (909) 421-9233
Text (909) 420-0560
Family Resources

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Family Resources

Parents can access the following by reaching out to the school counselor:
  • Homeless resources support with remote learning
  • Health related resources
  • Food and clothing resources
  • School supplies
  • Transportation resources
  • Mental health and Counseling
  • Parent classes