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My name is Sharmeen Mahmud and I am the Counselor at Norton Science & Language Academy.  I am excited to be here to support your child's journey at NSLA.  I started at NSLA in 2016 and I come to you with diverse experiences from Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  

My involvement with the students takes place in several ways.  One function of a school counselor is to implement whole-school prevention programs, such as, bully prevention education, character education, drug and alcohol awareness, and career education.  These lessons generally take place with the entire class or during school assemblies.  Another function of the counselor is to facilitate individual counseling and student groups. Counseling sessions in a school setting are typically short-term in nature and focus on solutions to help your child succeed in all areas of their development.

As the Counselor, here at NSLA I aim to be approachable, positive, and multicultural sensitive. I will strive to promote each child's personal, emotional and social development, which will help the child reach their highest potential and their own unique success.  Any student can request to meet with me or they can be referred by Parent, Teacher, or Administrator. 

Just like the students need our support, educators and parents need each other's support.  I can meet with parents individually to discuss specific concerns or to serve as a liaison for families needing community resources. 

If you have concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I can be contacted by phone or email:

909-386-2300 ext.709

I look forward to working together to spend time to protect and nurture the growth of our students.

Warm Regards,

Sharmeen Mahmud


Counselor Programs

Character Counts – Counselor delivers short lessons in the classrooms.

RAK Week – Annual spirit week and activities.

Anti-Bully Undercover Team – Counselor facilitated teams.

Sanford Harmony Emotional Learning Program – Classroom based lessons facilitated by teachers.



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